We TiE University Program for the first time in Germany in the 2020-21 session. This is part of the bigger TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) Program which is a hugely successful program in TiE Global.

In the TiE University Program we identify and mentor outstanding student startup teams from colleges, universities and B-schools. First there will be a local Pitchfest organized locally by TiE Germany chapter; to be held by the end of Mar’ 2021. The winning team from our local Pitchfest will be invited to the Global Pitchfest which is going to be held in conjunction with the famous TiECon event in Silicon Valley in the summer of 2021. The winners of the Global Pitchfest will receive prizes in the amount of $50,000 or more (total worth including cash and other start-up services) among many key global exposures and experiences.

Since TiE Germany is the only TiE chapter in Europe (TiE is present in the UK), we are also open to considering universities from other countries in the EU in addition to Germany. So you can also please refer us to your other partner institutes in the EU, along with Germany University students.

TiE Israel is TiE Germany’s “Buddy-chapter” for this program.

T_Joy Samaddar

Joy Samaddar

Chair – TiE University
Vice President – TiE Germany


Jai Drive

TiE University Program Team Member


Contact TiE Germany Chair for TiE University Program
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